2022-2023 Officers

Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH


Dr. Moshiri is a Seattle-area native. After graduating from Lakeside School in 2001, Dr. Moshiri attended the University of Washington, where he went on to pursue broad interests in science, medicine, public health and healthcare policy that culminated in three Bachelor’s degrees, a Master’s degree in Public Health in Epidemiology, and a Doctor of Medicine with honors. During training, he was elected to the Gold Humanism Honor Society as well as the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, the latter of which he served as chapter president. He went on to complete a Preliminary year in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington prior to completing his Dermatology residency and Dermatopathology fellowship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Moshiri specializes in skin oncology, complex medical dermatology, and diagnostically challenging cases where his training in dermatopathology is critical to clinical-pathologic correlation. He has special interests in melanoma and pigmented lesions, and using the latest technologies and techniques to diagnose, monitor and treat these growths.

Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH


Katie DeNiro, MD, is a board-certified physician at the Dermatology Clinic at Harborview Medical Center who specializes in complex medical dermatology. She is a UW assistant professor of Dermatology and Medicine.

Dr. DeNiro completed her medical degree at UW. She completed residencies in internal medicine and dermatology. Her clinical and research interests include complex medical dermatology, severe cutaneous adverse reactions, hidradenitis suppurativa, cutaneous lupus and autoimmune conditions.

Eliza Notaro, MD


Coming from a family of healthcare providers, Dr. Notaro found incredible value in service early on. In Dermatology, she finds the diagnostic process paired with ongoing longitudinal relationships with patients very fulfilling.

Dr. Notaro’s clinical interests span both common and complex medical dermatology. She cares for pediatric patients as early as birth and her practice offers surgical treatment of skin cancers.

Past Officers

President: Melanie Clemenz, MD
Secretary: Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH
Treasurer: Katie DeNiro, MD
President: Alice Zhao, MD, PhD
Secretary: Melanie Clemenz, MD
Treasurer: Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH
President: Laura Swanson, MD
Secretary: Alice Zhao, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Kate Khorsand, MD
President: Kendra Bergstrom, MD
Secretary: Laura Swanson, MD
Treasurer: Alice Zhao, MD, PhD
President: Michi Shinohara, MD
Secretary: Kendra Bergstrom, MD
Treasurer: Laura Swanson, MD
President: Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
Secretary: Michi Shinohara, MD
Treasurer: Kendra Bergstrom, MD
President: John Walsh, MD
Secretary: Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Michi Shinohara, MD
President: Scott Isenhath, MD
Secretary: John Walsh, MD
Treasurer: Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
President: Kyle Garton, MD, PhD
Secretary: Scott Isenhath, MD
Treasurer: John Walsh, MD
President: Jay Vary, MD, PhD
Secretary: Kyle Garton, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Scott Isenhath, MD
President: Lisa Williams, MD
Secretary: Jay Vary, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Kyle Garton, MD, PhD
President: Jennifer Reichel, MD
Secretary: Lisa Williams, MD
Treasurer: Jay Vary, MD, PhD
President: Andy Shors, MD
Secretary: Jennifer Reichel, MD
Treasurer: Lisa Williams, MD
President: Marc Antezana, MD
Secretary: Andy Shors, MD
Treasurer: Jennifer Reichel, MD
President: Melanie Kuechle, MD
Secretary: Marc Antezana, MD
Treasurer: Andy Shors, MD
President: Claire Haycox, MD, PhD
Secretary: Melanie Kuechle, MD
Treasurer: Andy Chien, MD, PhD