Past Meetings

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Annual meeting 2020-2021:

Sep 2020Dr. John E. Olerud“Diagnosis and Management of Complex Cutaneous Ulcers”
Oct 2020Drs. John Koo & Nicholas Brownstone“Practical Psychodermatology with a focus on Mogellon’s Syndrome and Body Dysmorphic Disorder,” Pommerening Lecture
Nov 2020Dr. Kelly Griffith-Bauer“Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Treatment of Early Stage Melanoma of the Head and Neck”
Jan 2021Drs. Andrea Kalus & Jenna Thomason“Dermatomyositis: A Combined Approach”
Feb 2021Dr. Katie DeNiro“Updates in the Management of Hidradenitis Suppurativa”
Mar 2021Dr. Jenna Lester“Cognitive Bias and Clinical Decision Making: Considerations for the Dermatologist”
Apr 2021UW Derm Residents1st & 2nd Years present “Greatest Cases”
May 2021Dr. Aimee S. Payne“Cell Therapy for Pemphigus: Entering the Precision Medicine Era”, Odland Lecture
Jun 2021Dr. Rob Sidbury“Atopic Dermatitis Update”

Annual meeting 2019-2020:

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Sep 2019Dr. Misha Rosenbach“Climate Change and Dermatology”
Oct 2019Dr. Kanade Shinkai“2019 Updates on Pyoderma Gangrenosum,” Pommerening Lecture
Nov 2019Dr. Jennifer Reichel“What & Why: Lipo vs. CoolSculpting vs. Kybella; PRP; & Cosmetic Pearls Every Derm Should Know”
Jan 2020Dr. Jane Scribner“One Hundred Days of Fortitude: Humanitarian Missions and Navy Dermatology”
Feb 2020Dr. Ata Moshiri“Non-Invasive Imaging of the Skin”
Mar 2020Canceled
Apr 2020UW Derm Residents“Greatest Cases”
May 2020Dr. Angela Christiano“Hair Raising Tales of JAK inhibitors in Alopecia,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2020Dr. Heather Rogers“Building Businesses to Meet Patient Needs, the Story of Modern Dermatology & Doctor Rogers RESTORE”
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Annual Meeting 2018-19:

Sep 2018Dr. Ellen Derrick“New Trends in Venous Disease and Treatment”
Oct 2018Dr. David Cohen“Emerging Trends in Contact Dermatitis,” Pommerening Lecture
Nov 2018Kristin Raymond, JD“Legal Issues in Dermatology: A Case based Approach”
Jan 2019Dr. Dan Leifer“Gene Editing and Biosecurity”
Feb 2019Dr. Tien Nguyen“Transgender Dermatology for Adults: The Past, the Present, and Future”
Mar 2019Dr. Sachita Shah“Emerging Tropical Diseases with Skin Findings and Skin Diagnoses”
Apr 2019UW Derm Residents“Greatest Cases”
May 2019Dr. George Cotsarelis“A New Understanding of Androgentic Alpoecia,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2019Dr. Audrey Young“Narrative Matters: A tale of psychology experimentation, cognitive biases, the clinical encounter revisited, and a patient who lived in a car with four flat tires”
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Annual Meeting 2017-18:

Sep 2017Drs. Robert Sidbury, Heather Brandling-Bennett, Deepti Gupta, & Markus Boos“A Roundtable Discussion of Systemic Medication Use in Kids”
Oct 2017Dr. Dirk Elston“Alopecia: A Hair Razing Topic,” Pommerening Lecture
Nov 2017Drs. Jennifer Gardner & David Duclos“Canine Atopic Dermatitis & The One Health Paradigm: What can we learn from veterinary dermatology?”
Jan 2018Dr. Misha Rosenbach“Granulomatous Dermatoses”
Feb 2018Canceled
Mar 2018Dr. Dan Berg“Dermsurgery hacks…some things I’ve learned over 25 years”
Apr 2018UW Derm Residents“Greatest Cases”
May 2018Dr. Julie A. Segre“Human Skin Microbiome: Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Communities explored in health and disease states,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2018Dr. Mark Valentine“History of Dermatology”
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Annual Meeting 2016-17:

Sep 2016Dr. Kathryn Schwarzenberger“Hypercoagulability, Purpura and the Skin”
Oct 2016Dr. Casey Carlos“Dermatology in Mobile Populations”
Nov 2016Dr. Carrie Kovarik“The Landscape and Future of Dermatology,” Pommerening Lecture
Jan 2017Dr. Michi Shinohara“Complications of the Decorative Tattoo”
Feb 2017Dr. Kendra Bergstrom“Sunscreen Controversies: What’s Safe, What’s New, What’s Next”
Mar 2017Canceled
Apr 2017UW Derm Residents“Greatest Cases”
May 2017Dr. Anthony E. Oro“Tumor Evolution and Drug Resistance in the Hedgehog Pathway,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2017Drs. Joann Elmore & Michael Piepkorn“Is histopathology accurate in the diagnosis of melanoma?”
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Annual Meeting 2015-16:

Sep 2015Dr. Clive Liu“What patients are doing behind your back: Alternative medicine in psoriasis”
Oct 2015Dr. Youn Kim“Therapeutic Advances in Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma,” Pommerening Lecture
Dec 2015Dr. Amit Bhrany“Optimizing Nasal Reconstruction”
Jan 2016Dr. David Zlotnick“Melanocytic lesions and the role for ancillary studies”
Feb 2016Dr. David Byrd“Melanoma 2016”
Mar 2016Canceled
Apr 2016Dr. Andrea Kalus“Therapeutic Considerations in Refractory Lupus
May 2016Dr. Douglas R. Lowy“The HPV Vaccine: FDA Approval Was Just the Beginning,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2016Dr. Alfons Krol“Urticaria Pigmentation and Mast Cell Diseases in Childhood”
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Annual Meeting 2014-15:

Sep 2014Dr. Peter Jenkin“Gene Expression Profiling in Melanoma”
Oct 2014Dr. Amy Paller“What’s New in Genetic Skin Disorders,” Pommerening Lecture
Nov 2014Dr. Upendra Parvathaneni“Radiotherapy for the Management of Skin Cancer”
Jan 2015Dr. Robert Lee“Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Lesion Based Approach”
Feb 2015Dr. Nicole Fett“A Practical Approach to the Work-up of Vasculitis”
Mar 2015Canceled
Apr 2015Dr. Deepti Gupta“Pediatric Melanocytic Lesions: ‘The Gray Zone’”
May 2015Dr. Thomas S. Kupper“T Cells in Barrier Tissues,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2015Dr. Jennifer Reichel“My top 10 favorite cosmetic procedures and quick surgical pearls”
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Annual Meeting 2013-14:

Sep 2013UW Derm Residents“Greatest Cases”
Oct 2013Dr. Sancy Leachman“Melanoma Prevention Update,” Pommerening Lecture
Nov 2013Dr. Michael Martin“Burning Mouth Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management”
Jan 2014Dr. David Wong“Updates in Teledermatology”
Feb 2014Dr. Heather Rogers“Photodynamic Therapy in Dermatology”
Mar 2014Dr. Shailender Bhatia“Systemic therapy of Melanoma: Dawn of a new era”
Apr 2014Dr. Peter Jenkin“New and Evolving Treatments for Psoriasis”
May 2014Dr. Boris Bastian“Molecular Alterations in Melanocytic Neoplasia: Implications for Clinical Management,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2014Dr. Jeremy Kampp“Dermatology Abroad”
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Annual Meeting 2012-13:

Sep 2012Dr. David Byrd“Melanoma 2011: New Staging, New Therapies”
Oct 2012Dr. Hensin Tsao“Update on Melanoma Therapeutics,” Pommerening Lecture
Nov 2012Dr. Renata Jenkin“Clinical Challenges in Rural Kenya”
Jan 2013Dr. Philip Fleckman“Nail Tips”
Feb 2013Dr. Andrea Kalus“Vignettes from the UW Combined Dermatology Rheumatology Clinic”
Mar 2013Dr. Paul Pottinger“Antibiotics Update in Dermatology: More Than Skin Deep”
Apr 2013Dr. Michael Piepkorn“What to do about discordance in the diagnosis of melanoma and nevi? New reporting tools for melanocytic proliferations”
May 2013Dr. Joel Gelfand“Psoriasis associated co-morbidities: Implications for your clinical practice,” Odland Lecture
Jun 2013Dr. Eric Larson“Living Long and Living Well: Insights and Reflections on Brain Aging”
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