2023-2024 Officers

Eliza Notaro, MD


Dr. Notaro is a medical and surgical dermatologist at The Polyclinic in Seattle, WA. A prior bone marrow transplant nurse, she then studied medicine, completed an internship in internal medicine then trained in dermatology at the University of Washington. 

Dr. Notaro’s clinical interests span across common and complex medical dermatology as well as procedural dermatology. She cares for pediatric patients as early as birth and is a lead dermatologist as part of a gender-affirming care team.

Natalie Moriarty, MD


Natalie Moriarty, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist and Seattle area native practicing general dermatology at Virginia Mason.   

Dr. Moriarty graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Neurobiology. She went on to graduate medical school and complete dermatology residency also at the University of Washington. She is especially interested in psychocutaneous dermatology, inflammatory skin disorders, health equity and effective patient-doctor communication.  

When not in clinic, Dr. Moriarty enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her two young children and dog.

April Schachtel, MD


Dr. April Schachtel is a board certified dermatologist practicing at the Veterans Affairs Hospital and University of Washington. She completed medical school, Internal Medicine residency, and Dermatology residency at the University of Washington.

She is the Section Chief of Puget Sound VA dermatology and runs a clinic for patients with nail diseases at UW. She is the co-host of “Clippings“, a podcast focused on nail diseases and their treatments.

Past Officers

President: Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH
Secretary: Katie DeNiro, MD
Treasurer: Eliza Notaro, MD
President: Melanie Clemenz, MD
Secretary: Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH
Treasurer: Katie DeNiro, MD
President: Alice Zhao, MD, PhD
Secretary: Melanie Clemenz, MD
Treasurer: Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH
President: Laura Swanson, MD
Secretary: Alice Zhao, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Kate Khorsand, MD
President: Kendra Bergstrom, MD
Secretary: Laura Swanson, MD
Treasurer: Alice Zhao, MD, PhD
President: Michi Shinohara, MD
Secretary: Kendra Bergstrom, MD
Treasurer: Laura Swanson, MD
President: Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
Secretary: Michi Shinohara, MD
Treasurer: Kendra Bergstrom, MD
President: John Walsh, MD
Secretary: Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Michi Shinohara, MD
President: Scott Isenhath, MD
Secretary: John Walsh, MD
Treasurer: Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
President: Kyle Garton, MD, PhD
Secretary: Scott Isenhath, MD
Treasurer: John Walsh, MD
President: Jay Vary, MD, PhD
Secretary: Kyle Garton, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Scott Isenhath, MD
President: Lisa Williams, MD
Secretary: Jay Vary, MD, PhD
Treasurer: Kyle Garton, MD, PhD
President: Jennifer Reichel, MD
Secretary: Lisa Williams, MD
Treasurer: Jay Vary, MD, PhD
President: Andy Shors, MD
Secretary: Jennifer Reichel, MD
Treasurer: Lisa Williams, MD
President: Marc Antezana, MD
Secretary: Andy Shors, MD
Treasurer: Jennifer Reichel, MD
President: Melanie Kuechle, MD
Secretary: Marc Antezana, MD
Treasurer: Andy Shors, MD
President: Claire Haycox, MD, PhD
Secretary: Melanie Kuechle, MD
Treasurer: Andy Chien, MD, PhD